What we have done:     
       Our 2 factories in rented locations turned out to be too small for us to grow and from 2005 we planned the building of a new factory bringing the two under the same roof. During 2008 we reached this milestone, our new factory, and started production on autumn 2008, ever since then, we have been developing in a incredible speed. By now, we have 6 floors of production line working on delivering the best product to our clients.
       The new factory was build with extra space for the actual volume in production, with the intention of having capacity within our new factory to grow substantially during the coming years. The factory has been built in a standard meeting modern customers requests.
How we developed:
       Started in the year of 2000, majoring in making bags and packs for various sports, during these years we have got customers coming from everywhere around the world and we have got clients coming from various sports as well, for example motorbiking, drifting, sky diving, rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, surfing etc.. These clients were all enthusiasts in these sports. They brought us professional ideas on how to make our products better not only in functionality but also the outer look. Therefore, after all these year working with these enthusiasts out development team knows all the details that need to be applied on different products like waterproof-ness and anti-scratching on paints are must for motorcycle bags, while water drain-ness is a must for kayak packs. We were amazed by their passion to their specific sports and  high-standard towards details in their product. With experiences of working with these clients, we gradually got the sense and feeling for developing and producing our products for various sports combined with a high quality control together with the customers. Therefore, our development team often times brings suggestion to the details that our clients did not even notice. And this is what make us different from other manufacturers.

       On the other hand, apart from the waterproof gear we also started with promotional bags and company profile bags for European, American and Australian etc.. markets giving us the honour of producing promotional bags for brands like Coca Cola, Nascar Racing, Volvo, Saab, Volks wagen, Peug*ot, Ya maha, Nokia, Nivea, Fisherman's Friend, Schneider...

       In the year on 2018 we have also started to develop a more outdoor-concentrated field. We have had clients order rain-fly, hammock, self-inflated mat, soft-cooler, cooler-backpack, portable cooler, dry storage, etc.. some are complex some are easy, and with the incredible development teams and a enthusiast chief officer we managed to get them all out to become a perfect and beautiful product.  
       Most recently, We added a fresg aspect of design into our products. We believe a fashion-function crossover is a new trend. Therefore, we release a brand new line of product what we called: The SBS line. Ever since we release this new line, we got numerous of inqury from all over the word, with fashion clients like Super Dry. This gives us more confidence that we are doing the right thing.

Our Philosophy:
       We believe that being active, innovative, cooperative and competitive are the keys that drive us to greatness. However, without the great customers like you, we will never be as good as we are now.