2000: The beginning
Wellgreen was founded in 2000 when Jenny, the owner, left her job to create her own business, where she can use her previous working experience and her connection to better assist her clients and at same time control the producing process.
2005: Starting point.
The brand OSAH was created.
2008: One step ahead
We got the investment from DOMANI and then we moved from the rental factory to our own land and build the factory with 3 building and 2 warehouse which leave us enough space for development.
2015: Bold Move
We entered the domestic market. That’s another bold decision since this is our first time transferring from a manufacturer to a dealer role we have now need to understand the importance of a brand reputation.
2017:A Good Year for us.
We further expended the factory by adding 3 lines of well-experienced workers. With that expending, we are now at 500+ workers.
2019: Now
More challenges and opportunities ahead of us.